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LEGACY HARMONY MUSIC SERIES @ brings to the fore the rich historical vibrance of neighborhood life resonating within us. At all our venues, we bring the best in jazz, jazz fusion, R & B, blues, rock, pop and all LA Rhythms enriching the flow of daily urban life - today's music scene is tomorrow's Old School - today's Old School was the music scene of our Community Leaders - Come together, coalesce and catch LHMS - the best in community-involved, headliner and emerging talent live music entertainment. Steeped in community vibe, we have incredible artists appearing in the coming months.

LEGACY HARMONY MUSIC SERIES supports emerging & headliner artists who express commitment to The ZOKU mission by supporting community-based activities, thereby Building Cultural Bridges Through Music, Education & Commerce.  We thank all our artists for Giving Forward 30, and encourage them to keep us informed and updated on their performances and community-based activities.  All emerging talent and artists who desire to be a part of The Zoku community of leaders are encouraged to collaborate with us and our supporters throughout all communities. 


THE ZOKU supports all  its venue partners by co-promoting all music performances.  Tickets are available through our venue partners on-line and usually for purchase at the door on the day of the performance.

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THE ZOKU Band of Leaders -> a showcase of music genres benefiting local communities -> THE (Music) ZOKU

Doors: 6:30 pm / Show: 7:00 pm  |  Tickets $50 $40 $30

                                                                $20-SOLD OUT

Little Tokyo Live 2013
Taking It to NihonMachi - LA's New Music Village 

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